Gossip 卦名 Guaming 讀音 Pronunciation 自然 Natural 性情 Temperament 家族 Family 身体 Body 方位 Position Unicode Unicode
Ken.png Dry khien khien Day Healthy Father First 西北 Northwest U+2630 U +2630
Kon.png Kun khun khun Ground Along Mother Abdomen 西南 Southwest U+2637 U +2637
Shin.png Shock chin chin Mine Move 長男 Firstborn Foot East U+2633 U +2633
Xun.png Sunda sun sun Wind Enter 長女 Daughter Share 東南 Southeast U+2634 U +2634
Kan.png Threshold khan khan Water Trap 中男 Male Ear North U+2635 U +2635
Ri. Png From li li Fire Korea 中女 In female Head South U+2632 U +2632
Gon.png Gen kien kien Mountain Only 少男 Boys Hand 東北 Northeast U+2636 U +2636
Da. Png Exchange dui dui Ze Yue 少女 Girls Mouth 西 Western U+2631 U +2631

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Info: Gossip Coin
Size: 29mm X 29mm
Gossip: a set of ancient China symbolic notation. With "one" on behalf of Yang, with the "-" represents Yin, with three such symbols, composed of eight forms



Info: Chinese Coin
Size: 39mm
Emperor's Era Name
通宝 = General Currency

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